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National Construction Code NCC requires buildings to operate in accordance with a list of “performance requirements”. This is done by complying with a set of prescriptive requirements or coming up with solutions based on performance. Fire Engineering ensures that the solutions implemented are all reported and well-documented to ensure that the performance requirements of the NCC are met.

A Modern Approach to Fire Engineering

Our Fire Engineering team has spent their years in the profession studying and understanding every aspect of fire safety practices implemented in commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Our approach has evolved into a holistic method wherein the fire engineering solutions implemented are not limited to the performance requirements set by the NCC. We aim to take into consideration every aspect of the home or building which includes its management, construction, and design. This will give rise to effective and efficient solutions which will reduce the risk of untoward incidents from happening.

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Specialists for Safety that You can Trust

Our Fire Engineering Team in LTA Fire Systems PTY LTD is one of a kind. We may be specialising in Fire Engineering but we make sure to coordinate closely with our colleagues in other areas. The relationships that we form with other divisions have made it possible for us to come up with fresh and groundbreaking solutions that actually works when applied to real life situations, not just in theory. The solutions that we have pitched-in to our clients has actually given them the following benefits:

Reduced costs

Flexibility in building strategies

Decreased lead time for construction

Creation of innovative approaches to building design

It is our great pleasure to be able to give you the best possible options when it comes to protecting your people and assets. Contact us today to find out more about how we can team up to ensure the safety of your home or commercial building. Call or email us today!

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