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An important aspect of protecting your property against fire is to design and implement an effective emergency system. This will ensure safety by providing a way to detect a developing fire and also immediately alert the property’s occupants and fire authorities. A lot of factors are taken into consideration when it comes to designing emergency systems such as the type of building, number of occupants, and the urgency of the situation. Here are some components of emergency systems you might want to get for your property.

Control Panels

Control Panels serve as the brain of an emergency system. These devices monitor the different detection devices installed in the building and activate the alarms once fire or any trigger for fire such as faulty wiring is detected. Modern control panels have the ability to pinpoint the exact location where the problem was detected. This allows more time for corrective action to be done, preventing fires to occur.

Emergency and Exit Lighting

All commercial buildings should have adequate emergency and exit lighting, no matter how big or small they are. The lighting should be able to light up areas during an emergency so that the occupants can swiftly evacuate. This will also make it easier for the search and rescue teams to recover those who need assistance.


Water remains to be the most ideal material used for extinguishing fire. Sprinklers directly apply water onto the fire which cuts the combustion process and hinders ignition of combustible objects. An effective sprinkler detects heat caused by fire, triggers an alarm, and initiates suppression right after flames appear.

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