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Technology is quickly evolving. Its advancement is very evident in the gadgets and equipment that we enjoy today. Such changes are also influencing the way buildings are being designed and built. Building engineers now have more responsibilities on their shoulders. There is now a bigger demand for incorporating efficiency in the consumption of energy, comfort, and reduction of construction costs and operating expenses when conceptualising the overall design of a building. This rising trend has given birth to Building Automation which aims to satisfy the huge demands of property owners nowadays.

Building Automation and Fire Safety

Fire protection systems have also become computer-based, similar to what is being done in Building Automation. Fire safety measures such as fire detection and systems for communication to be used during emergency are now integrated into the operations of the building during an emergency. Oftentimes, fire protection systems need to be closely coordinated with other systems being implemented in the building.

LTA Fire Systems LTD Keeps up with the Changing Times

LTA Fire Systems recognises the fact that the growth of technology is occurring at a rapid pace. It is important to keep up with the changing times by being dedicated to the process of continuous learning. Our continuous desire to update our skills and knowledge of the profession has enabled us to provide our clients with innovations that will give them great benefits. A great example of the fusion of fire protection systems and building operations that we give to our clients are smoke control systems.

It is our great pleasure to be able to give you the best possible options when it comes to protecting your people and assets. Our team is ready to answer your queries and even advice you on the latest building automation and fire safety measures to take. Call or email us today to book an appointment or ask for a free quote

Installation process of a fire sprinkler in a ceiling - always ready for spraying water on a fire.
** Note: Shallow depth of field
Close up of a fire alarm system on a wood panel from front

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